Analytical accelerator for business

Performs analytics usually requiring a whole month in half an hour
Gives tips on how to earn more using smart algorithms
Improves customer relations and increases brand loyalty
Helps train employees and implement best practices in managemen
Guards against errors, saves time, money and other resources
Инструменты AltMacros
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AltMacros — Analytics for Everyone

Range of flexible analytical tools performing various business functions allowing you to predict sales, manage your product assortment and inventory, build long-term relationships with customers and much more!

Guaranteed return



Преимущества AltMacros
Преимущества AltMacros
Преимущества AltMacros

you are guaranteed a return on your investment within just 3−6 months, or we’ll refund your money

projects cost 5 to 40 times cheaper than traditional solutions

business workflows are 100% transparent and meet your specific requirements

What solutions do we offer?

Лучшие практики AltMacros

Track 3

AltMacros анализирует исторические данные

Forecasting and Demand-side Management

Лучшие решения AltMacros

Inventory and Replenishment Management

AltMacros подключается к любым источникам данных

Risk Management

AltMacros повышает качество данных

Customer Relations, Marketing and Sales

Автоматизация без программирования

Personnel Management

Assortment Management, Distribution, Pricing

Track 1

Track 2

Track 6

Track 4

Track 5

Лучшие практики AltMacros

Inventory, Logistics, Production and Workflow Management

Track 7

What solutions do we offer?

Primary assortment categorisation (ABC, XYZ)

Assortment categorisation and advanced data preparation

Advanced assortment clustering based on demand profiling

Determination of ratings on changes in assortment, distribution and prices

Product recommendation system

Demand elasticity analysis


Track 1: Assortment Management, Distribution, Pricing

Gives insights into which assortment to promote to achieve higher product sales and how to derive higher earnings from sales, optimise purchases and lower product storage expenses.

Statistical forecasting of underlying demand

Demand forecasting for new items (items without consumption history)

Forecasting and analysing the impact of promo and other factors on demand


Track 2: Forecasting and Demand-side Management

Helps understand your customers' demand, how to increase it, and how to optimise the company’s time and labour resources.

Basic purchasing management

Analytics by replenishment channels and suppliers

Inventory planning and management based on advanced forecasting

Procurement optimisation based on risk and portfolio analysis

Procurement monitoring and automation


Track 3: Inventory and Replenishment Management

Gives insights into how to earn more on inventory investments, not lose money while saving on them, optimise inventory and logistics, as well as reduce surplus stock and increase inventory turnover.

Analysis of the impact of negative events

Rating of negative events

Monitoring system


Track 4: Risk Management

Helps prevent and reduce losses from negative events and increase the company’s stable development and operating efficiency.

Customer segmentation

Capacity assessment

Reduction of customer attrition

Effects calculator

Activity forecast

Target offers


Track 5: Customer Relations, Marketing and Sales

Gives insights into who your customers are, how to attract and retain them, and how to build long-term relationships with them as well as allows increasing the average purchase amount and reducing the cost of customer acquisition.

Personnel performance analysis

Preparation of work (shift) schedules

Recruitment channel effectiveness analysis

Training effectiveness analysis

Engagement and loyalty analysis


Track 6: Personnel Management

Helps organise the functional duties, recruitment and development of personnel, increase personnel productivity and optimise human resources, develop personnel competencies.

Analysing the effectiveness of business workflows and finding bottlenecks in them

Forecasting order performance deadlines

Maintenance scheduling

Preparation of order performance and production loading schedules


Track 7: Inventory, Logistics, Production and Workflow Management

Allows organising order handling, investing in production resources correctly and without losses, and increasing the company’s business workflow efficiency and stable development.

What do AltMacros solutions consist of?





Инструменты AltMacros
Справка AltMacros
Обучение AltMacros
Техническая поддержка AltMacros
A solution developed on the Loginom analytical platform
Guidelines for launching and configuring the application
Tutorials on best practices
Technical support and online consultations
  • First results in 30 minutes
  • Easy to customise for your business
  • AI-integrated
  • You keep your data, you launch the tool using your own resources, not on the cloud

How does the Tool work?

Step 1: Data Preparation

All you have to do is upload your data or set up a connection to your database or 1C and choose the metrics for the selected analysis as specified in the guidelines. The system will automatically prepare your data and check it for errors.

Step 2: Analysis

In this section, the analysis is calculated for the selected tool. You don’t need to configure anything! Just click on the "Execute" button.

Step 3: Results and Recommendations

You can easily upload the calculated analysis to Excel or view it in ready-made reports. Take advantage of our methodological materials to interpret the results and get the best recommendations.
Шаг 1 Подготовка данных AltMacros
Шаг 3 Результаты и рекомендации AltMacros
Шаг 2 Анализ AltMacros

Why do you need AltMacros?

Objectively evaluating how effective your workflows are running

  • Receiving, combining and quickly analysing data of any size from different sources (1C, CRM, Excel, etc.)
  • Detecting errors, anomalies and improving data quality
  • Automatic metrics calculation, ready-made visual reports and export to Excel or any preferred system

AltMacros проактивное принятие решений
Engage in proactive decision-making

  • Smart recommendations for assessing and predicting future events
  • Access to full information required for planning and optimisation
  • Automatic selection of the best algorithms, use of statistical analysis and neural networks

Develop people, workflows and technologies at the same time

  • Implementation at a comfortable speed and powerful support from experts with 15 years of experience
  • Methodological and training materials with best practices and experience in analytics application
  • Modern open-source platform for solving related tasks and automating routine

AltMacros оценка эффективности процессов
AltMacros развитие людей, процессов, технологий

For whom?

For large, medium and small companies in various fields of activity that are ready to transform and grow their business in key areas of business workflows.
Strategic and current business workflows are poorly developed, the company’s development potential is not actualised, and must-have competencies and resources required to achieve the set goals are limited.

Insufficient resources

Poorly maintained base

Insufficient time

Для кого подходит аналитический ускоритель AltMacros
Analysis of key company parameters such as people, technologies and resources are rarely carried out, plans and goals are not detailed, identification and search for problem areas is time-consuming or absent.
There are not enough modern tools, systems, solutions for objective and full-fledged data handling. Incredibly complex data updating, there is lack of credibility of real knowledge about the problems and opportunities of business.

An analytical accelerator is not a subscription or a cloud solution

Pay once, download and use as much as you like!
Лучшие практики AltMacros

Customised for you

AltMacros анализирует исторические данные

No programming skills required

Лучшие решения AltMacros

Solving data quality problems

AltMacros подключается к любым источникам данных

You can implement it on your own

AltMacros повышает качество данных

Easy integration, the data stays with you

Автоматизация без программирования

Integrated with proven practices and algorithms

Why AltMacros is better than other solutions

The old-fashioned way in Excel on your own
Reports/processing in ERP
Create a dashboard in BI
In-house implementation: no programming
Everything perfect right off the bat: best practices included
Machine Learning (AI): Big data analytics
Solving data quality problems
Fast computing

How much does it cost?

The first tool is delivered for EUR 200
Each subsequent* - for EUR 100
Each tool includes 3 hours of Zoom consultations and 3 months of support
Additionally, you can purchase turnkey implementation works
The purchased tool stays with you forever
Loginom is needed to run applications
(A free Community version is available)
*50% discount only available if purchased within the next 3 months. Otherwise, each track tool costs RUB 200,000.
Сколько стоит AltMacros
Сколько стоит AltMacros
Сколько стоит AltMacros
Сколько стоит AltMacros
N.B. The tools in each track are delivered and implemented strictly in turn starting from the 1st!

We have been creating analytical tools for more than 15 years

AltMacros solutions are developed by Reshape Analytics using best practices and experience
Более 15 лет Reshape Analytics создает аналитические инструменты
In the CIS, we are the number 1 team in the development of low-code / no-code business management systems based on data and advanced analytics
One of the best analytics expert teams in demand forecasting, inventory management, CRM and loyalty programs
Попробуйте аналитический ускоритель AltMacros

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